• Mayor Joseph Stallard may be reached at
  • 419-883-2481 ext. #3    or  419-571-8569

  • Council members are elected for 4 year terms. Council meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month, 7:00pm and located at 33 W. Elm Street, with the exception of Holidays. Meetings are open to the public. Council rules dictate that any person wishing to speak to council shall contact the Clerk of Council and be placed on the agenda before noon on Friday.

  • Village Administrator Rick Freeman handles day to day operation of the village. He may be contacted at 419-883-2481 ext. #4 to obtain information or to report water leaks and street issues that are village responsibility.
  • Zoning Admin. Rick Freeman handles zoning for the village. Permits are required for an alterations to land use, new construction and/or additions to structures.

  • Planning Commission has been established to administer the village zoning ordinance, review zoning permits and issues within the village. Meetings are open to the public and are held at the Village Hall on the second or third Thursday of each Month at 7:00pm.

  • Fiscal Officer - The village contracts with James Banks, CPA as Village Fiscal Officer. Lynette McCune, Assistant Fiscal Officer administrates the day to day operations of finances, payroll, water/sewer billing and permits to solicit. She can be reached at 419-883-2481 ext. #1.

  • Income Tax Commissioner Stephanie Crow - The village local income tax rate is one percent (1%) with reduced credit paid to another municipality of half percent (1/2%) of the 1% village tax on all taxable wages. The village established mandatory tax filing and returns are due the 15th of each April and may be mailed or placed in a drop box beside the Village Hall. Tax questions please call  419-883-2481 ext. #2 or                                      e-mail: incometax@villageofbutler.com
  • Mayor's Court -Clerk Stephanie Crow handles payments, records and court correspondence along with public records requests. Contact at 419-883-2481, ext. #2
  • Clerk of Council Crow records and handles minutes and the agenda for council. If you wish to be on the agenda for council meeting please call (419-883-2481, ext.  #2) the village hall the Friday before a council meeting to be placed on the agenda per council rules.    

The Village has a drop box for payments at the side of the Village Hall for the residents convenience. Payments dropped off after 10:00am will be posted to the next business day. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE CASH IN DROPBOX.

2019 Committees
Economic Development/Planning






Committee Meeting- 6:00pm 2nd Monday of every Month

Committee Meeting- 6:00pm 4th Monday of every month


All committee meetings are open to the public.