The Village will no longer be giving or taking income tax forms at the office. Income taxes are now done through RITA. Please see file below.

 COVID-19 has undoubtedly caused a statewide crisis in Ohio and no facet of daily life has gone unaffected including municipal income taxes.  This crisis continues to raise more questions than answers and is likely to have a significant impact on the 2020 tax filing season. 

 We have heard from taxpayers and the preparer community the potential for delays in filing and payment as the pandemic is presenting challenges for taxpayers to meet their filing obligation and may reshape municipal income tax policy.  THIS MAY TRANSLATE TO A DELAY OR LOSS OF INCOME TAX REVENUE TO YOUR MUNICIPALITY AND WE ARE ADVISING MEMBER MUNICIPALITIES TO PLAN ACCORDINGLY.  It is extremely difficult to quantify the revenue impact, as the scope of industries affected is fluid as well as the length of time the specific industries will be adversely impacted.   

 The filing deadlines for municipal taxes are prescribed in Ohio Revised Code and only by the authority of the State of Ohio Tax Commissioner can extensions be granted to taxpayers.  (See Below) 

718.05 (G) (1) (a)  Annual return; filing.

 Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, each individual income tax return required to be filed under this section shall be completed and filed as required by the tax administrator on or before the date prescribed for the filing of state individual income tax returns under division (G) of section 5747.08 of the Revised Code. 

(3) If the tax commissioner extends for all taxpayers the date for filing state income tax returns under division (G) of section 5747.08 of the Revised Code, a taxpayer shall automatically receive an extension for the filing of a municipal income tax return. The extended due date of the municipal income tax return shall be the same as the extended due date of the state income tax return.


Update on Income Tax through RITA

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